Cup success for Gladstone

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GLADSTONE Road claimed victory in the Yorkshire Bank Rugby League Cup tournament at Seamer Sports Association.

The Road team defeated Scarborough College 4-0 in the final, while Barrowcliff won by the same margin in the Yorkshire Bank Shield final.

These four teams earned their spots in the final after finishing in the top two of the round-robin phase for the Cup final and third and fourth for the Shield final.

Seamer & Irton School headmaster Jon Wanless, who organised the event, said: “All players impressed with very high skills in all areas of the game.

“It was a very close contest and all the teams played in an excellent spirit. Well done to all the players and a big thank-you to the referees Martin Bottomley and Andy Lawley.”

Results: Pitch one - Seamer 4 Gladstone Road 0; Scarborough College 0 Barrowcliff 0; Newby & Scalby 4 Seamer 4; Gladstone Road 0 Scarb Coll 0; Barrowcliff 8 Newby 4.

Pitch two - Scarb Coll 4 Newby 4; Newby 8 Gladstone Rd 8; Gladstone Rd 8 Barrowcliff 0; Barrowcliff 4 Seamer 4; Seamer 0 Scar Coll 4.

Final placings after round-robin phase: 1st Scarborough College, 2nd Gladstone Road, 3rd Seamer & Irton, 4th Barrowcliff, 5th Newby & Scalby.

Yorkshire Bank Cup final - Scar Coll 0 Gladstone Road 4.

Yorkshire Bank Shield final - Seamer 0 Barrowcliff 4.