Captain’s Log with Phil Watson: Lads have set up Brid game in perfect style with Heath victory

Captain's Log with SRUFC skipper Phil Watson
Captain's Log with SRUFC skipper Phil Watson

If you’d have offered us wins at both Keighley and Heath this season I think any one of the lads at the club would have ripped your arm off.

We prepared well for the game and went there in the right mindset.

The guys got there in good time and we warmed up well and went into the game in the right manner.

I think Heath were stunned by how quickly we got into our stride and we hit them early on and got crucial points on the board.

If we were going to be critical at all, we should really have put some more points on them, but that’s three wins from three league games and we can’t complain too much.

Tom Ratcliffe obviously got all 18 of our points on Saturday, and the two-hour drive home with him seemed like the longest car journey of my life.

We had to squeeze him out of the car when we got back, his head was that big.

It was a real nightmare, but to be fair to the lad he’s a class player and will get a load of points on the board for us this season.

The effort and application of the lads was good, and full credit must go to coach Lee Douglas, who is really bringing the best out of the lads.

I said throughout last season that we had the potential there to do well as a side, but it is really coming out this year and Lee’s a big part of that.

Speaking to him though, he thinks some of things we’re working on in training will only start to shine through at the end of next season, which is exciting for everyone involved.

And believe me when I say that we’re working on them in training. We run the plays over and over and over again, and it will help us in the long term.

It all sets us up nicely for Saturday’s derby game against Brid.

Hopefully it will be a nice day and there’ll be a big crowd there.