Chadwick focused on new youth role at Scarborough RUFC

Tomasz Chadwick coaches some junior players at Scarborough RUFC
Tomasz Chadwick coaches some junior players at Scarborough RUFC

Scarborough RUFC’s new YDO Tomasz Chadwick could easily be the club’s biggest capture of the summer.

The fly-half oozes positivity and focus for both his role on the pitch and his job of bringing on the rugby-playing youth of the town.

As well as his playing duties, Chadwick will be heading the club’s Active Youth development scheme, which was launched last season in partnership with McCain Foods.

With McCain’s support, the programme is set to reach even more children across the town this year – equipping budding young rugby players with fundamental skills and encouraging youngsters to try the range of sporting activities on offer up at Silver Royd.

“It is exciting. This will be a big challenge, but it is one I’m really up for,” Chadwick said.

“It will take a lot of discipline, but I have the characteristics to make sure that it is done properly and achieve a lot at the same time.

“The club from a business perspective is the finest I have ever seen at amateur level.

“I have always been at clubs where off the field limitations have put restrictions on progress.

“The sky is the limit with this place. The only thing we need to focus on is the on-the-field activities, which is how it should be.

“The club itself is a major pulling point for youngsters in the Scarborough area.

“You are coming from a place that is a professional set-up with professional coaches, which helps a great deal.”

He added: “I don’t ever go into anything with a half and half attitude. I always throw myself into things 100 per cent.

“I’m not here to hang around. I’m here to meet people, affect as much positive change as I can and put everything I can into it on and off the pitch.

“I just want to work hard on the pitch and then let people make their own opinions of what I bring.

“It is a clean slate for me so I have a point to prove.

“That is giving me a lot of drive and motivation because I want to prove that I am one of the better players in the league.

“We have a lovely bunch of lads here. People have always told me that Scarborough is a family club and that is definitely the case.

Chadwick may feel as though he has a point to prove, but a fine rugby CV already backs up his credentials.

He said: “I started playing for my local school in Liverpool and then I was taken into the Merseyside and Lancashire set-ups. At that time I was also a part of the Sale Sharks young player group as well.

“I was asked to quit studies and take up rugby as a career, but I always loved my studies and ironically I have never seen rugby as a career.

“It wasn’t for the love of the game, but it has always just been a hobby.

“After that I went to the University of York and played for the first team, which was the best rugby I have ever been a part of.

“That is how I got this job because Lee Douglas was my coach there before Scarborough pinched him.

“Lee first gave me the call and said that there was a position opening up at the club and could I send my details.

“Having the experience of running the university club, I have picked up some good life lessons that make me perfect for this job.”

Before signing up at Silver Royd, Chadwick almost took the opportunity to work in the New York banking industry.

Fortunately for Scarborough though, the tough schedule and Tomasz’s love of life’s simple things brought him back to the game of rugby.

“My mum, my little sister and my brother all live in New York and it was always a case where I was trying to go out there for a year of work,” he said.

“I spoke to a few contacts out there, but nothing solid really materialised because I understood that I would have to work from 9am until 9pm every day.

“I wanted to enjoy the little things in life and that would be too restrictive.

“People have always said to me that I should do a job that I enjoy, so I think I have hit the jackpot at Scarborough.”

Linked with Chadwick’s focus on the job, McCain were once again keen to help the progress of rugby in town, by supporting the scheme.

Corporate communications manager Victoria Stephenson, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting Scarborough RUFC’s Active Youth development programme for a second season - demonstrating our commitment to encouraging healthy, active lifestyles in Scarborough.

“The club is a great asset to our town and we’re lucky to have such impressive facilities on our doorstep – as well as an extremely dedicated Youth Development Officer in Tom.

“We’re hoping that all young players enjoy the season ahead and get a lot of enjoyment out of developing their rugby skills.”

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