Coach Douglas fires Twickenham warning

SRUFC coach Lee Douglas
SRUFC coach Lee Douglas

Scarborough’s players need to buck up their ideas or forget all about a dream cup clash at Twickenham, says coach Lee Douglas.

Scarborough clasped defeat from the jaws of victory at home to East Coast rivals Bridlington on Saturday and Douglas insists his side must improve if they are to make a good fist at trying to progress to the National Intermediate Cup’s Twickenham final.

Douglas’ men tackle Consett on Saturday in the first of their two group-stage games, and the coach said: “The players need to improve.

“This is a road, a path to Twickenham. My players need to know that if they think they deserve to get there on the back of half of the first-team squad coming to training then they will come a cropper at some point.

“This is a huge opportunity and they don’t come along very often.

“If they don’t buy into this and get behind it then we will always be a mid-table team.

“There’s no reason why we can’t get there, they just need to put the hard work in.”

Douglas admits he knows very little about the two teams in their group in the competition, Consett and Medicals.

He added: “I don’t know much about either of them apart from they’ve both had some indifferent results this season.

“It’s their big chance too and they’ll be coming down here to throw everything at us.

“Our league is perceived to be stronger, but that will go out of the window.”