Coach Jones sets lockdown targets for Scarborough RUFC squad

Scarborough RUFC head coach Matty Jones insists that his players have been working hard during lockdown to ensure that they hit the ground running once the season begins, writes Charlie Hopper.

By Charlie Hopper
Thursday, 11th June 2020, 11:36 am
Scarborough RUFC coach Matty Jones (right)
Scarborough RUFC coach Matty Jones (right)

“The players have been putting a lot of effort in over the last few months and I believe that they will be in a very strong position come the start of the season," said Jones.

“We decided to put little competitions in place to keep them competitive and then introduce a fitness test which we had 45 players take part in.

“The tests will be re-done in the next few months so it gives our players something to work towards.

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“To see so many players keen and interested has given me confidence and I’m sure they will feel fit and ready for the season.

“Although it’s extremely difficult to look forward to a new season, we must keep on top of things and then, when the time comes, put the plans in place.”

Following the RFU’s decision to allow Premiership and Championship clubs to return to small group training, the new head coach is hopeful that his side will be able to train together soon.

He added: “Hopefully our level of rugby will follow suit soon and we will see rugby return to Silver Royd.

“Every side is in the same boat and the players are chomping at the bit to get out onto the pitch but it’s out of our hands.

“If the RFU get it right at the top levels of rugby, I’m sure that it will filter down to us over the new few weeks.

“I also believe that the teams around us will be on a level playing field, but some players may have to make sacrifices across the course of the season due to work.

“It’ll take a huge effort from everyone to ensure that we have a positive season.”