Coach’s Corner with Lee Douglas: Friendships don’t come into it - I just love winning games

Coach's Corner - With SRUFC coach Lee Douglas
Coach's Corner - With SRUFC coach Lee Douglas

Saturday brings about our derby clash at home to Bridlington - a team that I obviously know a lot about having been coach there for three years.

It’s nice to have local derbies and it brings more fans into the game and adds that little bit extra to the games, but the guys need to keep their feet on the ground and carry on their good work from Saturday.

I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement we made at Heath. The guys took a real leap forward and I was impressed with the work the lads put in.

We hit them early on and never looked in any danger of losing the lead.

Heath is a tough place to go in Yorkshire One so to win there and do so in such a good fashion sets us up nicely for Bridlington.

The guys need to remember that it’s just one game of rugby in a very long and hard season.

I know that if my team put in a performance that we will win the game this weekend, and that is what we need to focus on.

I have very fond memories of my time at Bridlington and still keep in touch with many of the friends I made while there.

We won the Yorkshire Shield and made the league play-offs while I was in charge and we had a succesful period.

Regardless of how well I got on with people while I was there and the success we had, that doesn’t come into it now.

I just love winning games of rugby and the way my teams play the game reflects on my coaching methods.

It doesn’t matter to me who we’re playing - I am coach of Scarborough and all my attentions are now on winning rugby matches for this club, hopefully this Saturday will be no different.