Jason Lowde’s column: Leaving with my head held high

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Leaving the role of head coach at Scarborough RUFC was by no means an easy decision to make - but it is definitely the right one.

Since I took over at the start of the season, I have expected a certain level of commitment from the players at the club.

That commitment is something I have been unable to give myself at times due to my work commitments.

There have been times when I have come back to Scarborough from working away and gone straight to training, and that isn’t fair on my family, and ultimately it isn’t fair on the club that I can’t offer the commitment the role deserves.

I have been very lucky to have Rob Hazeldine around this season for training and I have to say thank you to him.

There always needs to be a change when a new coach takes over, and when I replaced Dave Beck after his eight years as coach that is just what I wanted to do.

Dave had his style and I have mine. I believe the players bought into our new philosophy that we could be more expansive and attack from deep and I hope the guys enjoyed their rugby.

I hope whoever comes in to take on the role will try to maintain that attacking brand of rugby we’ve tried to introduce.

There have been moments this season when frustration has been prominent at the club, but on the whole the club have been great and the support has also been superb.

Scarborough is a big and well supported club and you see the same faces in the stands at Silver Royd and on the bus to away games and I know the players appreciate it, as do I.

I have made sure I put the club at the forefront of my decision and it is the right decision for both myself and the club.

One thing I didn’t want to do was string the club along, and I told Mike Holder that when I informed him of my decision.

I made up my mind a couple of weeks back sat in a hotel room somewhere while away on work, and I told the club as soon as I had decided.

It would be great to go out on a high with a win against Driffield on Saturday. It won’t be easy. They can wrap up the title with a win, but we’re not going to lie down and give it to them.