Jason Lowde’s column: Players must behave

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We have experienced a disappointing couple of weeks on the pitch.

The players are taking full responsibility for this and held a team meeting after training on Tuesday night.

This had nothing to do with me on this occasion and it is great as a coach to see the players taking it upon themselves to try and find a solution to our disappointing form.

That is a big part of good coaching in my opinion - Giving the players the power then telling them they’re wrong.

There were a few issues on Saturday that I can assure you won’t be creeping into our game again.

Respect for the referee in rugby union is of paramount importance and although the guys weren’t in the match official’s face shouting at him, there were voices of discontent from some of them in earshot of the referee.

Rugby is not like football in that you HAVE to show respect for the match officials at all times.

It was disappointing to see and was childish and at times petulant from some of the guys and it will stop after last week - trust me.

I wouldn’t like to be a referee though. They have a tough job in fairness, but it is hugely frustrating when you get a string of key decisions going against you in a short period of time like we have recently.

We scored a perfectly good try right at the end through young Tommy Goodman and the referee made the call that he thought he hadn’t crossed the line.

I have seen video footage since that shows Tommy crossing the line for the try so it is very frustrating.

In fairness to him though, he didn’t have footage to make his decision on, maybe he could have taken a little longer to make up his mind, but it is done now and we need to move on.

We have a big home game against North Ribblesdale this weekend and we really need a win.

Yorkshire One is a very tight league and I think we could drop something like four places if we lose this Saturday.

It is important we stick to our guns and continue to play our brand of rugby and we will come good.