Jason Lowde: Weekend off gives us a chance to re-group

Scarborough RUFC head coach Jason Lowde's views after the defeat at Huddersfield YMCA
Scarborough RUFC head coach Jason Lowde's views after the defeat at Huddersfield YMCA

I think the lads were very frustrated on Saturday - knowing they could and should have done better on the day.

We were in the game and doing well and Ben Wilson was sent to the bin after reacting to someone sticking their fingers in his eye.

Though we didn’t concede while he was off the pitch, I think it took a lot out of the guys.

We were disappointing during the middle stages of the game but finished well.

We had to shuffle things about in the middle of the game after Tom Harrison had to go off injured.

Phil Stewart moved to number 10 and Charlie Hoggard came on in the centre. I thought he did a good job but it’s not ideal having to switch things during the game.

It’s frustrating and you can tell the guys are hurting. Losing six out of seven games isn’t good and the guys are upset and hurt by it.

It doesn’t matter what level you play at, losing six in the space of seven is frustrating.

One thing is clear though - the spirit in the camp is still great.

We had a good trip back from the game and we have a great team spirit.

The guys have got to work hard to get us the win that we need to end this poor run of form.

I think our weekend off has come at a good time for us.

Mentally as well as physically, it gives the guys a good chance to take their minds of rugby and hopefully we’ll come back fresh for our next game at home to Pontefract.

We have mixed things up a bit in training this week as well.

We showed the lads a slideshow on nutrition and conditioning and did a bit of pilates as well - just to take the lad’s minds off things and switch focus a bit.

I know Nino is travelling to Dublin to watch Ireland v South Africa so that will be a good break from action for him too.

But we all know we have a lot of work to do to turn round our run of poor form.

Rugby should be a release for us all.

We work all week and we should look forward to playing on Saturday afternoons.

I am adamant that everyone at the club believes we are doing things in the right manner this season though and that we’ll turn things round sooner rather than later.

Another thing that is clear this season is the club mentality we have now.

While the lads were disappointed when they walked off the pitch at Huddersfield, the first thing they wanted to know was how the other teams had got on.

I know some of the guys are keen to go and watch them play this Saturday and it’s great to see all the teams showing an interest in each other’s results and fortunes.

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