Jim Hughes from the World Cup - Dunedin

Jim Hughes Blog Rugby World Cup
Jim Hughes Blog Rugby World Cup

Now for our trip down the east side of the south island. Leaving a sad

Christchurch behind we headed for the A1 and the road to Dunedin. After

about 60 miles of virtually straight road we decided to head inland for

the lakes areas, turning off at a delightfully named town of Geraldine,

where we have a coffee and muffin stop.

The scenery is just spectacular, with high snow-capped mountains, deep

valley and lakes everywhere. However none of that prepares you for the

magnificent Lake Tekapo, it actually took your breath away, a light

blue colour, caused by plants in the lake.

After a light lunch it was off again calling in at the observatory at

Mt. John, although no star gazing as it was mid-afternoon the 360 views

all around were wonderful with Mt. Cook in the distance in all its


Back on the road we had 250 kms to Dunedin arriving there in torrential

rain at 7pm (a long but great day). Hitting Dunedin the following

morning we had a walking tour of the city, lunch in an Irish bar and a

tour of the local brewery (not many rugby supporters around, I am told

that they were in Queenstown on a break with the team). After that we

headed back to our apartment and a meal and an early night.

We are now on our flight from Dunedin via Wellington to Hamilton; the

mood is subdued after waking this morning to hear the sad news that 4

South Wales miners have been killed.

I think the mood in Hamilton will be similar and our thought goes out

to the families and friends of these boys with a rugby game being put

into perspective.