Jim Hughes from the World Cup - Hamilton hospitality

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Well after a good trip to Hamilton we met our hosts for the weekend

(Bill & Alison Winter) and moved onto their home. In the afternoon we

visited The Cambridge Stud one of the most successful studs in New

Zealand and the tour we were given was superb.

The following day Bill took us out to his sons farm and yours truly

helped milk the 650 dairy cows, such fun!!!!, as I was putting the

suckers onto the cows my only instruction was not to look up.

On Saturday night there was a small party for the welsh supporters, all

3,000 of them and with an appearance of Warren Gatland and some squad

members it was a good event.

Sunday morning broke and it was off to St. Andrews (not the real one)

to play golf and we had a really good 4 ball, although their handicap

system took some working out

Driving into Hamilton after the golf it looked like Cardiff had moved

to Hamilton with thousands of Welsh supporters thronging the streets.

Like all the rugby games so far the Fiji supporters were in superb form

as well and all very friendly despite a real drubbing from Wales.

The caravan is moving on now in preparation for the quarter final game

at the week end against Ireland in Wellington. We are currently on a

bus from Hamilton to Napier for a couple of day rest and maybe the odd

visit to a winery.