Jim Hughes from the World Cup - Semi final fun

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Rugby World Cup blog
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Well we did it, confounded the critics and made it to the semi final,

now just one match against France to the final.

Wellington has been buzzing all day, not only with Welsh and Irish

supporters but with South African and Australia ones as well. The Irish

certainly outnumbered the Welsh supporters today and they really

dressed up for the occasion, I have never seen so may 6 foot tall


We had lunch with 2 South African supporters and in fact went with them

to the game, Wellington ground was as cold as Silver Royd can be in

December, with some very cold rain as well. The match was well and

fairly fought and supporters from both sides in good voice and great

camaraderie. As we all know Wales won and move on and Ireland go home

but the fans just seem to keep going, with every pub in the city jammed

packed (it was good fun trying to get a drink!!) In defeat the Irish

fans were still in good spirits and everyone just kept enjoying the


The caravan now move north to Auckland, we however move on the

Australia on Monday for a well earned holiday, so that's all folks.