Jim Hughes from the World Cup - The morning after

Rugby World Cup blog
Rugby World Cup blog

Arriving in New Plymouth at lunchtime was a real treat, the sun was

shining and it was actually warm. A short ride to the digs and it was

out into town, only 4 hours to kick off and some serious pre match to


Was I in Wales I thought as the streets, shops and drinking

establishment were all dressed up and it looked and felt like


The Taranaki ground was in superb condition and with an almost full

house the game got under way. The biggest cheer of the night was from

all supporters for the try from Namibia, the rest of the game was one

sided Namibia having a tough game only 4 days ago against the Welsh, a

week off did not help their cause, but fair play to them they never

gave up despite the score line and at the end of the game they were

awarded their World Cup medals.

Following that they did a lap of honour and many fans stayed on and

gave them a rousing farewell (richly deserved).

Anyway back into town for a beer or two and to “The Crowded House Bar”

well it should be renamed “The Rammed pub” as it was full from end to

end as were all the bars; locals, Namibian and Welsh all partying.

Then dawned the morning after, the town was dead at 10:00 am with just

an occasional fan to be seen (probably on his way home). A quick 14k

bike ride round the coastal walkway (with a wave structure similar to

that suggested at one time for our Marine Drive) and we were ready for

a late lunch followed by an even later tea in what has now become a

ghost town. The only sight to be seen on New Plymouth High Street is a

camper van with French supporters cooking a late meal.

The caravan moves to Hamilton for the next instalment at the week end

but we are having a couple of extra days in New Plymouth (a really nice