Jim Hughes from the World Cup - Wellington

Rugby World Cup blog
Rugby World Cup blog

Well now to the business end of the Rugby World Cup. Leaving Napier

early this morning we flew down to Wellington arriving at 11:00 am.

Then the day really took off, we had been invited (by New Zealand

Business club) to a lunch with rugby legends, the lunch was superb

(both food, drink and location), however being entertained by Francois

Pienaar and John Kirwin was a real winner. Both men entertaining the

group with stories of rugby and prediction for this years event.

Finishing at 4:00 pm we had and hour to kill before the next event, a

drinks party with Bill English, The New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister

(not sure how we managed that but hey ho a great event).

After that a short visit to the Welsh Bar in town and now for a nice

lie in in the morning.

The city is starting to buzz for both Quarter Finals this week end and

regardless of the result( well almost) everyone will have a great


Tomorrow we are off sailing (again at the courtesy of the Business club)