JUNIOR REPORT: Confidence is key for any player

Tomasz Chadwick's Junior Report
Tomasz Chadwick's Junior Report

So the unthinkable happened ... England, the host nation, lost to Wales in what was built up to be a crucial World Cup fixture for both sides.

Since this happened, there seems to be a gloomy smog surrounding all positivity this nation had for England’s World Cup chances.

But if we take the emotion out of the occasion, it becomes quite apparent what’s left.

Everything - believe it or not - is still in England’s hands.

So why is it such a challenge is met with such fear and worry?

Why is it when we’re faced with daily challenges, such as an interview, a driving test, or even a tough day at work, we go into such events with a perturbing mindset? Is it a fear of failure?

Confidence is best considered a belief a person has about their ability to execute a specific task successfully, in order to obtain a certain outcome.

Years of sports psychology research tells us that confidence is the key differentiating psychological factor between successful and unsuccessful performance in a variety of sporting settings.

It often baffles me, that despite people knowing that confidence tends to breed success in all sorts of daily tasks, we still go into the more significant events of our lives, with an unparalleled fear of failure.

Over the last few years, I’ve started to treat events like this as an opportunity, not something to be worried about.

I always tell my players fear and nerves before a game is good, as it means they care about the outcome.

But it mustn’t be forgotten that those fears should be limited when appreciating how much of an opportunity the event may be.

England know a bonuspoint win against Australia would almost guarantee safety out of the group stages. So is this something to fear?

I personally think the players have a fantastic opportunity now to prove they are World Cup contenders and they have the best stage possible to prove this.

How this comes about however we shall see on Saturday.

Regardless of the outcome, this is certainly a mouth-watering fixture.

I’d like to now offer my sincerest congratulations to Jordan Wakeham.

Probably best known for his duties with the men’s senior first team, Jordan also does a lot of volunteer work, helping to referee and coach on a weekly basis here at the club.

Last season he also took on the role of Young Rugby Ambassador, which is an RFU initiative to give younger people more input in the day to day running of a rugby club.

Alongside Aaron Wilson, who has also been fantastic support, Jordan managed to do so much for the club, that over the summer, he was invited to Twickenham to receive special recognition for his services to the club and the sport.

Being 18 years old, this only goes to show how special the sport can be in developing good characters as well as good players. Well done Jordan.

This Sunday our minis will be playing in fixtures for the first time this season, away at Beverley.

As is always the case with our under-sixes to under-12s, as game times are smaller at this age grade, there are often multiple teams to play against at these tournaments, to ensure the players get as much playing time as possible.

I know some of our younger ones have been itching to play, so I’m sure this weekend’s fixtures will be the highlight of the weekend for many.

As well as this, our under-13s have their first ever 15-a-side junior fixture on the road at York.

I’m sure the experience will be an extremely positive one for this young junior side.

Our under-16s will also be at home against York with an 11am kick -off and our under-17s will be playing away against Wensleydale in another league fixture.

Lastly, our under-14s and under-15s will be at home in the first round of the Yorkshire Cup against Huddersfield, kick-off will be at 11am so please feel more than welcome to come along and support the team.