JUNIOR REPORT: Links with Carnegie will be crucial

Junior Report with Tomasz Chadwick
Junior Report with Tomasz Chadwick

This week’s article will be slightly different - instead of a report on the youth here, I’m delighted to announce a few developments the club have made with professional rugby club Yorkshire Carnegie that will be affecting our youth sections over the course of the season.

Similar to the fixture last year, Yorkshire Carnegie will be playing in an ‘on the road’ one-off special fixture at Scarborough RUFC on Sunday December 13.

This was a fantastic occasion last season with over a thousand in attendance and will promise to be even bigger and better this year.

The fact the professional outfit are so willing to come back and play here again this year speaks volumes for how good the facilities and support is here.

It’s also a great chance for our junior and mini players to see a higher level of rugby.

Like with last season, there is also the possibility of our minis being involved in the game by playing on the pitch at half-time.

We may also ask some of our junior players to act as ball boys on the day.

So this event truly will touch all aspects of our club.

On December 19, as a curtain-raiser for the men’s first team game against Heath, Yorkshire Carnegie under-18 Academy will be playing against Newcastle Falcons Academy.

Like with the ‘on the road’ fixture, this would be a fantastic opportunity for all of our younger players to see what a higher level of rugby looks like, which may well be something they can aspire to.

On November 23 and 24, Yorkshire Carnegie staff will be coming to Scarborough to assist with my school delivery at Scarborough Sixth Form, Scalby School and St Augustine’s.

They’ll also be helping out with the junior girls and Valkyries sessions on Monday evening.

On Tuesday, their community staff plus four professional players will be attending the Year Nine school tournament the club is hosting from 4pm-6pm, before taking over junior training that evening.

Each one of our junior sides (under-13s, under-14s, under-15s, under-16s and under-17s) will be given four different technical sessions on a variety of elements to the game, each delivered by a professional player.

I’m sure this will be something all players and coaches will enjoy, as well as being very useful for them moving forwards.

On March 18, we will also be hosting Yorkshire Carnegie’s very own sports nutritionist to come and deliver a lecture/workshop for all of our junior players.

This will be the next step in helping those in our sides that are aspiring for the highest level, as well as being perfect support for those that may or may not already be on a strength and conditioning programme.

It’s very rare to have the opportunity to gather knowledge from someone in this area, so hopefully it will be a great event for all involved.

A workshop of this nature is something I’ve been desperate to set up since I first moved to the area and this falls in line perfectly with the Active Youth Scheme.

As part of McCain’s commitment to making food that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet as well as encouraging healthy, active lifestyles, I’m sure the event itself will be a great way to expand the Active Youth Scheme further, so we know we’re making a difference both on and off the pitch.

All of these developments are a fantastic way to keep things fresh and exciting at the club.

They offer our younger players the chance to experience where rugby can take them and are also extremely important in building bridges with a big club like Yorkshire Carnegie.

Carnegie are now in charge of running the development teams that will eventually field the county sides.

To forge links with this club not only helps the club, but also builds bridges that our younger players will hopefully be able to walk upon in the future.

Thanks for reading

Tomasz Chadwick