JUNIOR REPORT: Scarborough RUFC is always changing

Junior Report with Tomasz Chadwick
Junior Report with Tomasz Chadwick
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Scarborough RUFC is an ever-changing environment with constant additions and improvements being made to this ever-prominent community club.

At this very point in time I’m able to look out of my office window and see construction work taking place on our fitness centre which is being expanded to offer more services to our members around the community.

On completion, Barons Fitness Centre will be of great use to all of our junior and senior players that want to do that little bit extra to get an edge in the game. It will also offer so much more to the wider community and is still great value for money.

The staff are incredibly friendly and led superbly by Paul White (manager) and David Mort (assistant manager).

It’s inspiring to work alongside motivated people like these as it does give you that extra drive to keep pushing yourself on a daily basis.

Over the next fortnight we will be holding our last secondary school fixtures at the club for this year.

So far we have a number of teams from different schools vying for that all important first place position which will guarantee a place in the regional qualifying games post Christmas.

These fixtures will take place tonight at 4pm-5:30pm and on Thursday December 4 also at 4pm-5:30pm. Please feel more than welcome to attend and offer your support.

Last weekend, our minis sides took on teams from Malton from under-sevens right the way through until under-12s.

I had the pleasure of watching some of these fixtures and one thing I love about these smaller-sided games is that every player gets a great chance to have some form of involvement.

I’m also very thankful to the Malton coaches (as well as our own), for refereeing the games in such an inclusive way.

Allowing the games to flow without penalising these children for everything in the book, means the progression these children are making is so much more organic which will only bode well for their development in the future.

This Sunday coming, our minis will be away at Bridlington against other clubs from East Yorkshire.

These “matrix” fixtures allow a number of clubs to meet at one place, offering various fixtures against different opposition.

The sheer volume of children at these events always helps to build a great atmosphere and I’m sure all of our minis sides will have a great day there.

As well as this, Sunday will see our under-16s taking on Pocklington at home (11am kick-off) while our under-17s and under-15s will be playing away at Yarnbury and Pocklington respectively, in what are two very important league and cup fixtures.

Our under-14s will also be at home, playing in a development three way tournament, hosting teams from Bridlington and Wetherby which will also kick off at 11am.

Moving away from fixtures updates, I’d like to mention how warming it is to see this club as one big organism.

There are so many different elements to this club that make it so special and I was fortunate enough to take a picture over the weekend that captured this.

Hayley Evans is one of the stars of our senior women’s team (the Valkyries).

She not only offers a professional attitude at all training sessions, but is now volunteering to help the under-sixes in their progression within the sport too.

Other members of the Valkyries also do volunteer work at the club on Saturdays and it’s great to see everyone pitching in.

There is so much voluntary work and time given up so that a club of this size can function, but to witness it as it occurs is a special feeling and one I hope our members, players and parents understand and can empathise with every time they come to the club.

This Saturday will see the Valkyries take on Barnsley Ladies in a curtain-raiser fixture before the men’s first team play against Pontefract. Both these fixtures promise to be exhilarating spectacles with both teams in confident mood going into these matches.

Kick-off for the Valkyries will be at 12pm, and for the firsts; 2:15pm.

Last night I was at an East-Yorkshire regional meeting hosted by the RFU. It was during this that I got to appreciate how lucky we are as a club to have such fantastic facilities at our disposal.

I mean this with no disrespect to those that have worked so hard and offered so much time in order to deliver this clubhouse and its grounds. But we truly are in a gifted position.

Thinking about this made me realise that I have now been in Scarborough for five months and I’ve settled into this role very comfortably.

But I need to make sure I’m not content with the progress so far and continue to drive this club forwards where possible.

With the networks I’ve managed to make and the understanding of the role I now have, I need to push on and offer this community the finest mini and junior rugby set up in the county and one that is fitting of our phenomenal facilities.

This will be my motivation for the duration of my post and once I have completed this, I’d like to be up there challenging the finest in the country.

I genuinely believe this is possible and I’ve never been one to dream small!

Finally, it only dawned on me just this week how much of a privilege it will be to hold my post while a World Cup is hosted in this very country.

The Rugby World Cup 2015 is less than a year away and every match is already a sell-out.

Up and down the country there will be massive events and tournaments celebrating the occasion as it unfolds.

It was estimated that when England won the world cup in 2003, 100,000 new players entered the sport at some level.

What a wonderful time it will be next year when our sport will be the leading light in the country over the winter months.

I’m extremely excited about this opportunity and hope a legacy is left long after the tournament ends.

Carpe Diem.

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