Junior Report with Tomasz Chadwick: I’m hoping women’s World Cup success will boost Valkyries

Junior Report with Tomasz Chadwick
Junior Report with Tomasz Chadwick

A new year brings a new challenge, and I cannot express how excited I am for this coming season.

Leaving university after an economics degree, to become a Youth Development Officer for a rugby club was not something I had foreseen myself doing.

But if the last few months have taught me anything, it’s to spend a lifetime doing something you enjoy.

Actively wanting to start work early and stay late is a nice feeling, and one I hope it continues throughout my time here.

As this is my first article, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank McCain for supporting the Active Youth Programme.

Their commitment to healthy lifestyles in the youth is a sentiment shared by all at Scarborough RUFC.

I’d also like to thank The Scarborough News for the opportunity of speaking to all readers on a weekly basis.

It’s my aim to work tirelessly to best help the community, and being able to report on my progress and offer you information on future events will certainly help to broaden the programme to as many people as possible.

The Active Youth Programme focuses primarily on promoting healthy lifestyles in the younger community.

In addition to integrating more of the youth into Scarborough RUFC’s brilliant junior and mini set-ups, I’ll also be offering free coaching services to all schools in the Scarborough district as well as assisting the RFU in various rugby festivals and tournaments.

Although rugby can be fantastic in terms of exercising, making friends and engaging in healthy competition, I fully appreciate that the sport itself may not be for everyone. Therefore, where possible, we must encourage the youth to engage in other sports.

Only recently, we held the first ever Jacaranda’s Multi-Skills Summer Camps at the club.

These summer camps were designed to offer a range of sports and activities for all participants both boys and girls, and all camps were a big hit with the children and parents alike.

It is at this time I’d like to share a quick conversation I had last week with a parent of a player.

A father mentioned to me that he would forever be indebted to the club for helping his son to eradicate his shyness and lack of confidence that had always held him back.

My school motto was “Non Solum Ingenii Verum Etiam Virtutis” which translates to “Not only the intellect, but also the character”.

We mustn’t forget that as well as the more obvious benefits of engaging in sport, there are others to be gained.

Enhanced social skills, leadership and teamwork are just a few of many core values picked up that are necessary for an increasingly competitive world.

Finally, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that Scarborough RUFC is now an RFU Focus Club for women’s rugby.

Consequently, I believe it is more than appropriate to offer my congratulations on behalf of everyone at Scarborough RUFC, to England Women’s Rugby team for winning the Women’s World Cup this month.

For those that don’t know, this was their fourth consecutive World Cup final, losing the first three.

Hearing a story like this proves that anyone that feels like giving up on a life dream, or something difficult, just hang on in there.

These women proved last week that if you keep trying, no matter how many setbacks you might have, you may just get there.

Thanks for reading

Tomasz Chadwick

Scarborough RUFC