LEE DOUGLAS: From the sublime to the ridiculous

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Saturday was something of a mixed game for us when we lost out against Wath.

We ended up reverting back to how we had been, commanding the game in the first half and then shutting down in the second.

We looked well in control at the break, then all of a sudden injuries to Chaz Hoggard and Blake Nightingale influenced the shape of the team.

Unfortunately they will both be out for this weekend and we are waiting to hear if Matty Else will be fit as well.

In contrast though Nino Cutino is back in the fold, which is a big boost for us.

We have York on Saturday, which is a big game for us, but really every game is a big game.

So far this season we have been let down by a lack of bonus points. We only have three compared to teams above us who have 10.

At times we have been in total control of games but the guys haven’t put there foot down and destroyed teams.

This is all a learning curve for us though, both for the guys and for me.

I am learning what the guys can withstand and also how to deal with each of them.

We are still in the mix though and we look forward to every game that we go into.

I have seen us play some lovely stuff this season, but then I have seen us play to a much lesser standard when we have switched off, missed tackles and stopped communicating saw plenty of that in the second half on Saturday, which was very disappointing.

It just shows that there is much more to it than coaching.

As well as that we also have to get the mindset right, because that is half of the battle as well.