LEE DOUGLAS: I fully expect Chris to step up to the plate as skipper

Scarborough RUFC coach Lee Douglas
Scarborough RUFC coach Lee Douglas

We’ve been hit hard with injuries in recent weeks, so much so that we’ve lost both our skipper and his stand-in replacement.

To lose two players in Phil Watson and Nino Cutino is a huge blow for us, as it would be for any team.

Chris Purdy (pictured below) will become our third captain of the season on Saturday and I have to say in the short time I’ve been at the club he has impressed me.

The way he just goes about his business and gets on with the task at hand is admirable.

I know he was disappointed when I chose Nino as Phil’s deputy a few weeks ago, so this is a great chance for him to show why he should have been picked.

I felt like I wanted Chris to concentrate on his game rather than worrying about other things going on around him on the pitch.

It will now be interesting to see how he handles the extra pressure and adjusts his game accordingly to suit the role of captain.

It’s not as easy as a lot of people make out and takes a lot of temperament when on the pitch.

You have to change your preparations leading up to the game and change how you interact on the pitch too.

The relationship you have to build up with the referee can have a big impact on a game of rugby union.

I just hope our captain’s role isn’t cursed.

We can be doing without any more injuries, especially to our senior players.

We are away to Old Brodleians on Saturday, and although I don’t know an awful lot about them, I’ve heard they’re very much like us in that they’re a backs orientated side.

I’ve had to go against everything I’ve been trying to install in terms of strategy this weekend and we will be very backs driven.

I’ve given Tom Harrison free license and although it will be a change to our approach, I’m confident we’ll be able to manage and hopefully we can come away with a good win.