LEE DOUGLAS: Team must be more ruthless

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Saturday’s win over Dinnington just went to highlight the huge frustrations I have with the side at the moment.

We seem to lack the killer instinct and ruthlessness to finish teams off when we start well and get a lead.

We should have put 20 points on Dinnington at the very least on Saturday, and to come away with a narrow victory is actually very disappointing.

The faces of the players told me they were also quite disappointed after the game, but now we need to work out where the problem lies and how we’re going to get past it so we can perform for longer than 25 minutes.

I’m not entirely convinced it’s a fitness issue. Maybe we need to work on that area slightly so we can keep up our gameplan for the full 80 minutes.

It has to be a mental issue.

We are having meetings this week to discuss it as a collective and see how we can move past it.

The guys all know they’re up to the task, but we seem to get 14 or 15 points up and take our foot well and truly off the gas.

At the same time we’re trying to create something, and while it’s frustrating, we have to remember that to implement a completely new gameplan will take time.

The sooner we start to dominant teams for the full 80 minutes rather than the 20 to 25 minutes we’re managing at the moment, the better.

We’re still unbeaten, we have the best defensive record in Yorkshire One, and we’re still only second because the teams around us are picking up bonus points, even when they’re losing, and we aren’t.

Still, if I had to analyse my time as coach of the club so far I would say it has been enjoyable.

The support and commitment I’ve had off the players and the club can’t be questioned.

Once things click into place hopefully we’ll start to dominate teams for longer period and start putting more points on the board. Hopefully that will start at Selby this week.