LEE DOUGLAS: This club will never progress if the lads don’t start training

Scarborough RUFC coach Lee Douglas' weekly column
Scarborough RUFC coach Lee Douglas' weekly column

I have to start my column this week by stating my belief that Scarborough RUFC will never progress if the lads don’t start committing to training on a regular basis.

We have suffered two last-gasp defeats in two weeks against Yarnbury and York, and part of that comes down to us not being able to work on team runs and team play in training sessions.

I’m getting 12 or 13 first team players to training for most sessions, and that is not good enough.

This club will never be a force if we don’t start getting more numbers to training so we can work on certain things heading into games on Saturdays.

It’s really frustrating for me as a coach as I can see the potential in the club and the players, it’s just hard to fulfill that when, for whatever reason, lads don’t train on a regular basis.

We’re somehow managing to hold on in games despite our lac k of planning in training, and it was yet again disappointing to lose out in the last minute against York on Saturday.

I have to say I was very impressed with York. They were a very organised and well-drilled side and they totally played us off the park in the first half.

The lads just didn’t seem to know how to attack them, and where the space was appearing we didn’t seem capable of exploiting it.

We had words at half-time and the difference in the lads in the second half was immense, and we deserved a draw in the end.

Having drawn level, we just needed better decision making at the death, but they got in and we need to bounce back at Bridlington this weekend.

To finish on a positive note I was very impressed with young Hayden Ogilvie on Saturday. He was superb after coming on.