LEE DOUGLAS: We must bounce back from poor Ponte performance

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Saturday’s performance at Pontefract was the worst the guys have put in since I took over here and I attribute that to the lack of training some of the players have been putting in.

Our defeat at a very average Pontefract side really was disappointing - I was lost for words at the level of performance the team put in.

It really was a bottom-of-the table effort and we just didn’t turn up.

We were lucky to only lose by five points in the end it was a result of people missing our training sessions.

Yes, I have to take some responsibility for my team selection, maybe I could have picked a different side but it’s always that straightforward.

At a club of this size you’re always going to have players who have various work, family and other commitments which means they can’t make some training sessions.

But at the same time it seems that a lot of the lads are taking the easy option.

I spelled it out to the guys after the game on Saturday and I’m hoping for a response from them as a group now.

We put all the hard work in over the summer and seem to have lost some focus at the moment.

Although the lads have been playing well in patches this season, maybe things have been going our way on the pitch and Saturday will serve as an eye-opener.

Maybe sometimes the lads expect things to fall on their laps without having to work hard for them. The response will be key now.

I’ve told the lads that they have a huge opportunity to do something special this season, but they have to work for it.

Hopefully the guys will have listened in and will be at training this week heading into a very tough home game against Wath on Saturday.

They’re third in the table and have been going well, although they lost last week so they will be spitting feathers to get out there and get back to winning ways.

It’s up to us to disappoint them.