LEE DOUGLAS: We need to make the right decisions at key moments

Scarborough RUFC coach Lee Douglas
Scarborough RUFC coach Lee Douglas
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It was yet again a case of poor game management and poor refereeing that cost us dearly at Hullensians on Saturday.

Yes, they’re a strong, physical side and they have mastered the art of taking advantage of their small pitch.

We couldn’t adapt to that and we let them play their style of game.

They were constantly slowing our game down and we couldn’t get much good ball into the backs as a result.

It would have been a very different game at Silver Royd, that’s for sure.

It all comes down to the key decisions at the key moments and we are constantly making poor decisions.

They really need to start taking more responsibility on the pitch, we’re lacking leaders to step up and take the game by the scruff of the neck, and it’s costing us.

I look for a response from my players sometimes and they tend to look outwardly rather than looking at themselves.

But we’re going over old ground again with this.

It is time to say enough is enough - It’s time for action.

The mistakes we’re making, that are costing us wins and points on the board are coming through a lack of concentration, and that is something we can rectify.

Having said that, the last four games could have gone either way.

There isn’t a team in this division that we won’t give a good game.

We are competing, we could have won all of our last four games and the league table would have a very different look about it.

Having said all that, the refereeing was very poor on Saturday. It was just a poorly managed game, and when you see two players sent to the bin after 70 minutes for something they’ve been doing all game, there’s something going wrong there.

All we ask for from a referee in any sport is consistency and we definitely didn’t get that at Hullensians.

I feel the referee lost control a bit and that was always going to cost either team and in the end it was us.

They scored a try after a blatant forward pass that everyone, even some of their players, stopped for.

That gave them seven points, which killed us off.

It is just frustrating for everyone associated with the team that poor refereeing and decision making has cost us a win at a tough place to go.

Still, what better game to look forward to this week than a local derby.

Malton are up in second and have been putting in some good performances.

They gave Doncaster a good game and have been putting points on some teams.

The guys are looking forward to it though.

I hope the guys give us a reaction and take it to Malton come Saturday.