MARTIN DOWEY’S COLUMN - Silver Royd is being held back

Bill Beaumont Cup'Yorkshire v Lancashire at Scarborough RUFC'Action from the game ,Yorkshire in white against Lancashire.'Picture by Neil Silk  121958a'12/05/12
Bill Beaumont Cup'Yorkshire v Lancashire at Scarborough RUFC'Action from the game ,Yorkshire in white against Lancashire.'Picture by Neil Silk 121958a'12/05/12

MY coulmn usually focuses on the sport of football, but this week I’m taking a bit of a break.

I was lucky enough to attend the big Roses battle at Scarborough RUFC’s Silver Royd ground on Saturday, and what an experience it was.

It is absolutely unbelievable how far the club’s facilities have come on since I first attended a game at their previous Scalby Road base in the early 2000s.

There has been plenty of praise this week about how Silver Royd is of Championship standard, which is a testament to what they have achieved.

Not only are the facilities spectacular, but the welcome is also warm and it made for a great day out.

The impressive thing about Silver Royd is the fact that it has all been achieved by club members and it is still being run by those members.

Apart from Scarborough’s impressive North Marine Road cricket ground, when was the last time there were over 2,000 fans packed into a sporting arena to watch a sporting event?

It was probably when Scarborough FC took on Chelsea in the FA Cup, which is getting on for 10 years ago now.

I don’t cover rugby every week, but I do enjoy my trips up to Silver Royd when I’m not out and about at the weekend watching Scarborough Athletic.

When covering Boro, wherever you go and whoever you talk to, they ask, what is going on with the Athletic Ground? Then secondly they say, when are they moving back from Bridlington to Scarborough?

I generally have to say that I don’t know.

It has been a while now hasn’t it?

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be able to wander down to watch a football match like you can a rugby and a cricket game.

Despite this great ground, the rugby club do have frustrations of their own, and having witnessed the extent of it on Saturday, I do have a lot of sympathy.

They are currently not allowed to use any amplified sound, which does hamper the situation at such a magnificent facility.

When I go to Queensgate in Brid or any other ground in the NCEL, they broadcast things as loud as they want over the tannoy system.

One great example of this is Winterton, in Lincolnshire, where the back gardens of many houses face onto the pitch.

Instead of these residents complaining, they sit down in their windows and in their gardens to take in the action.

I had a look around at Silver Royd on Saturday, and you can’t even see any houses nearby.

But, because of the ruling, the club officials are completely unable to communicate with the supporters watching the game.

This was underlined on Saturday when people were required to sit down for their lunch, but the organisers were being drowned out by the noise.

How much difference would a microphone have made?

The whole thing just seems to be as much of a farce as Roy Hodgson’s first England squad for the Euros, but don’t get me started on that, I’ll leave that to Mitch Cook.