PHIL WATSON: Criticism of Nino’s captaincy is harsh

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There has been a lot made of the decision making of stand-in skipper Nino Cutino during the latter stages of our loss at Selby on Saturday.

A couple of times Nino decided to go for the scrum and try and put more points on the board.

I have to say I would go for the posts everytime, but I learned the same lesson last season against Old Brodleians. It’s a very tough situation.

You are blowing as it is near the end of the game and you’ve been grafting away, there is a lot of pressure on the situation and people are shouting at you left, right and centre.

Nino has done a cracking job covering for me since I picked up my injury.

He’s just played his natural game really. He leads from the front and leads by example, which makes him an excellent captain.

It wasn’t Nino’s decisions that cost us the win on Saturday, it was silly mistakes and a handful of poor individual performances.

It comes down to the issue of us racking points up in the first half and then blowing it after half-time.

Again I’ve heard the fitness of the players being raised and I honestly don’t think it’s the fitness of the lads that is the problem.

The guys aren’t as fit as they were at the start of the season, but I think it is more of a mentality issue rather than fitness.

We’ve had a few let-offs this season where we’ve let sides back into games and held on for the win, maybe this defeat will do us more good than harm.

Maybe the guys will treasure going ahead a bit more now.

I have to give a shout out to the aggressive fly-half Phil Stewart, who dislocated an opponents’ knee with a head-first tackle. Great commitment from the lad.