Sad to say goodbye

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I COULDN’T have asked for a better club to have been involved with in the six years I have been here.

Two of those years I had the privilege of being the club’s Youth Development Officer, and I have enjoyed every minute of the job since I was given the opportunity.

I will always remember the rugby festivals that we had on at the club during my time as YDO.

They were started by Eddie Rakanui before I took over and I loved every single one of them.

They were extremely hard work and were very time consuming - having to sort the fixtures, the referees and round-up volunteers was a hard task, but the reward of seeing all of those children up at the club enjoying their rugby was worth all the effort in the end.

Another great thing that I have noticed over recent years is the number of kids wanting to play rugby.

We have a lot more youngsters playing the sport now and that is pleasing to see.

The hard work of all the people at the club is really starting to pay off and numbers are up.

We have up to 25 kids competing for places in all our junior teams now so there is healthy competition for places in all our teams.

This can only be good. A massive increase in numbers will only improve the standard of rugby that our juniors are playing.

The youth section at Scarborough is going from strength to strength.

The new club and the facilities we have are excellent and are allowing our youngsters the chance to train indoors and outdoors, which is a bonus when the colder weather comes along.

I would say that there is always room for improvement in any walk of life, and we still need to get the youngsters playing more rugby. But that will come with time and the club is definitely moving in the right direction.

In terms of my own memories on the pitch at the club, there have obviously been great moments and moments that I would rather forget.

I will never forget our trip to Bradford Salem two or three years ago for our EDF Quarter-Final.

We took three coaches over there and there must have been over 800 people watching.

We unfortunately lost the game but that was a fantastic day and one that I will never forget.

But there have been many highs during my time here in Scarborough.

It is a fantastic club to be a part of and I have made many good friends during my time here.

I can’t sign off without thanking a number of people for the excellent support I have had both in my time as YDO and at the club in general.

One person that immediately springs to my mind is Graeme Jeffrey.

On a day to day basis Graeme has been superb. He has pitched in with huge support consistently through my time as YDO and as a player.

From helping me write this column on a week-by-week basis to supporting me when organising and running festivals and matches. Graeme has been great with me and I have to say thanks to him for all his support throughout my time here.

I have to say thank you to Graeme Young and Mike Holder for giving me the opportunity to do my dream job.

And to all the coaches, parents and the players themselves for being committed and supportive. It has been a pleasure.

The decision to leave Scarborough was not taken lightly and I will experience mixed emotions in a few weeks time, but it is time for myself, my wife Lucy and my son Tyson to try something new.

My family in New Zealand have never seen Tyson and they can’t wait to see him.

To all the juniors I have coached, keep playing and enjoying your rugby.

Until next time