Skipper Phil laid low after derby high

Injured Scarborough Rugby Player Phil Watson.Picture Richard Ponter 134014
Injured Scarborough Rugby Player Phil Watson.Picture Richard Ponter 134014
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Scarborough RUFC skipper Phil Watson felt the highs and lows of the Yorkshire One derby win against Bridlington on Saturday.

The big forward broke his right arm during the second half of the 16-3 victory, resulting in a trip to Scarborough Hospital and his absence from the post-match celebrations.

Watson will now miss this weekend’s Yorkshire One trip to Ilkley, though by then he will have taken his first steps to recovery from his broken radius.

“It all happened when I made a tackle in the second half,” he said.

“I clashed forearms and I knew immediately that something was broken.

“I went straight down to the hospital, had a couple of X-rays and then waited around because they said that they might be able to operate immediately.

“I didn’t find out that we won until it came on the radio when I was sitting in A&E.

“It was obviously great to get the win against Brid, but I was devastated that I missed the celebrations after the game.

Watson is now waiting for an operation later this week to see when he can make a return to the action.

He added: “They will be putting a plate in my arm later this week, after that we’ll know where I am.

“I’ll have a pot on the full length of my arm for quite a while so by the time I get it off there will be no muscle left.

“Hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before I’m back running.

“I’m not one for sitting around, so I’ll probably be going to most of the games as well.”