TOM CHADWICK’S JUNIOR REPORT: Great start to Active Youth

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What a season it has been. I know it’s cliché but this year really has raced by.

On the one hand there is an element of sadness that this season has been and gone in the blink of an eye, but I’m filled with elation for being a part of a wonderful time here in Scarborough.

Before I start with a summary of the year, I wanted to remind everyone that we still have plenty of rugby happening over this weekend and throughout the summer.

Tomorrow evening our under-14s will be playing their last fixture of the season against touring side Southwell.

Saturday will see the club hosting a women’s and girls development day, where there will be a tournament for under-13s and under-15s girls (11am-1pm), before the Valkyries fixture at 2pm.

On Sunday we’ll have our under-15s last match of the year against Malton at 11am.

I’ll apologise in advance if the remainder of my report seems like an acceptance speech at the Oscars, but I have been blessed with a lot of support over the course of this season and would not want to miss the opportunity to thank those people.

I’d like to say thank you to McCain, and particularly Jennifer Jaconelli, for their continued support in all things rugby related at Scarborough RUFC.

They have given the Active Youth scheme the solid foundations it needed to really take off and engage the youth of this town.

In doing so our club has seen progression in all aspects of our youth sections.

Each mini and junior team has grown in numbers this season and we’ve also managed to match this with an increase in volunteer coaches, meaning every player still gets a good amount of contact time with coaches at their age group.

I expect this to increase further still next year, especially with the Rugby World Cup coming to England.

There has also been consistent progression for our women’s and girls sections too.

The success our senior ladies have had this year now offers them a great chance to enter a league next year for the first time.

As well as this, we’ve now also got an under-13s girls side, who will be playing their first match this Saturday.

I expect all teams to excel next season and there are plans in place to host an under-15s girls team next year too.

It is at this point where I’d like to thank every player I’ve worked with this year.

You are the whole reason this scheme is in place and the dedication, commitment and passion you show for the sport makes this entire scheme worthwhile.

The scheme relies on me being able to deliver rugby to schools that may not be able to do it themselves.

But to have so many of our institutions offer me the chance to work with their pupils has been a privilege.

I’ve met some amazing people, some wonderful children and have enjoyed every minute of the time I’ve spent with them.

I can’t wait to begin again after the summer and look forward to introducing the sport to many more.

I’d also like to say thank you to The Scarborough News and all the staff involved, who have consistently offered me the chance this year to speak about the progress of the scheme.

The Junior Report has been a great way to monitor development in our schools and offers you all an insight into the work that goes on at Scarborough RUFC.

I’m not normally one to make bold statements about future events, but I can guarantee next year is going to get even better.

The experience I have generated over the last 10 months has given me a deeper insight into how this great club and wonderful town operates.

I’m a big believer in there always being room for improvement and this will start with my role over the summer.

Self-assessment is always a critical aspect to personal development and there will never be room for resting on your laurels.

What’s important is that if you want to progress, you must learn from your mistakes and continue to strive for better.

A break from the season offers both the club and I a chance to assess the season just gone and refocus for the coming year.

If this year was exciting for us all, next year will be off the charts.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the summer.