SRUFC YDO Tomasz Chadwick's column
SRUFC YDO Tomasz Chadwick's column

Hello again, and a very happy new year to you all.

I’m incredibly excited about 2015 and hope it’s a prosperous year for you all. For those feeling down about Christmas passing, don’t worry.

Only today I saw Easter eggs being sold in my local shop. I’m sure it will be holiday time again before we all know it.

For today’s article I thought it would be useful to answer some frequently asked questions, so that any common queries people have on our club can be answered before this year gets into full swing.

What is Scarborough Rugby Club?

Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club exists to encourage and inspire as many people as possible to play rugby union to the highest sustainable level in a safe, friendly and financially secure environment.

We offer coaching to all players from the age of five all the way through to adult rugby.

The club also contains Baron’s Health and Fitness Centre; a gym with fantastic facilities including squash courts and a sports hall.

Baron’s, like the rugby section, is completely open to the community.

Finally, the club also has its own bars and offers function hire, so it truly is a very diverse place with lots to offer.

Where is Scarborough Rugby Club?

Scarborough Rugby Club is located just before Burniston, travelling north on Scalby Road.

The club address is: Silver Royd, 569 Scalby Rd, Scalby, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO13 0NL.

Is Scarborough Rugby Club just for rugby?

Although the club exists to offer rugby to the community, there are other sports that the community can engage with.

Baron’s Health and Fitness offer facility hire to numerous other sports such as walking football, squash and athletics.

I thought rugby was for boys/men only?

Rugby in general is for both genders and here there is no exception.

We have a fully functioning women’s section in adult rugby and are fast expanding our opportunities for girls junior rugby as well.

From a very young age, rugby is always mixed gender.

I’ve never played rugby before, is this a problem?

This is definitely not a problem. Our aim is to inspire people to play rugby even if they’ve never tried to before.

We have lots of dedicated coaching staff to help you make the transition into the sport and to ensure you play in a safe and enjoyable environment.

What are the times/dates for training?

Training for our minis (under-sixes to under-12s) takes place at Scarborough RUFC on Sunday mornings from 10:30am-12pm.

Training for our junior sides (under-13s to under-17s) takes place on weeknight evenings so that matches can take place on Sundays. Please contact myself for more details.

What kit would my children play in?

For training your children can play in whatever kit they like.

However we recommend some supportive footwear such as boots or trainers.

For matches, and even to train in, the club offers ‘player packs’ for different age groups.

These packs are heavily discounted items of club branded kit so all players can play in a smart and practical attire.

Is it expensive to be a member?

We are proud to offer discounted playing, non-playing and gym memberships too.

I’d also like to mention that as a club, we would never turn a player away due to financial hardship.

If you have serious financial difficulty affording the services our club provides then there are always other avenues we can look at to help.

Please just get in touch.

What is a YDO?

YDO stands for youth development officer, which is my job title.

It is my job to run the youth set-up at Scarborough Rugby Club and to branch out to the local schools in the community and offer free rugby coaching to those that want it.

What schools do I work in?

I work in as many schools as I can. There are no specific schools I favour or equally stay away from.

All schools are offered free coaching and I do my best to ensure those with the greatest need are reached, while maintaining strong positive links with all those that invite me to come in.

What is ‘Active Youth’?

Active Youth is a scheme that Scarborough RUFC has developed in close partnership with McCain Foods to encourage youngsters in the area to get active.

The scheme serves as an umbrella for all of the work I do both in schools and at Scarborough RUFC – whether it’s rugby sessions on a Sunday, secondary school rugby tournaments or the multi-skills camps I run during the school holidays for primary-aged children.

The scheme is open to boys and girls aged five to 18 and although our main focus is on rugby, there are other activities on offer.

As a responsible food manufacturer, McCain is proud to sponsor Active Youth – helping to educate the next generation and encourage healthy, active lifestyles within our local community.