TOMASZ CHADWICK: Women’s rugby is taking off

Tomasz Chadwick's Junior Report
Tomasz Chadwick's Junior Report

Girls rugby - you’ve heard me talk about it for a number of months now, but I never believed I would be a in a position where I’d be genuinely surprised with how many girls are now coming to Scarborough to play.

Our newest addition to the club; our under-13 and under-15 girls teams, both played in a tournament in Bridlington over the weekend, and did fantastically well, only losing one fixture each.

As well as their clear development off the pitch, we’re also now in a wonderful position where we’re having to recruit more coaches to keep up with the number of female players arriving at the club on a weekly basis.

If this is something you’d be willing to consider, please feel free to get in touch.

The club offers full training and coaching qualifications at no cost to you, so it really is a great opportunity to get involved in the sport.

As well as our minis section playing away in Whitby, Sunday also saw wins for our under-17s and under-16s, who are both in fine runs of form at the moment.

They each will play away from home this coming weekend, but there will be a chance to watch our youngest junior side, the under-13s, attempt to pick up a home win against Driffield.

Every quarter of the year, I attend a meeting with a number of other rugby clubs around East Yorkshire hosted by the RFU (Rugby’s governing body in England).

The meeting offers perspectives on issues that are occurring around the region and I always feel very fortunate when attending, that the problems our club face are quite minor in comparison to the obstacles facing other clubs.

Simple things like not having enough changing rooms, or pitch space seem quite trivial, but actually end up being significant barriers to development.

At Scarborough RUFC we are truly fortunate that as things stand, nothing is holding this club back, which is a key reason for its significant growth over the last few years.

I know it can be quite hard for our younger players to appreciate how good the facilities are here, but if I’m honest, that’s not a concern to me.

The important thing is they can play rugby in a positive setting consistently and that’s exactly what the club offers on a daily basis, and why it exists.

Now that I’ve been posted here for just over 15 months, a few of the topics in these RFU meetings appear to be quite repetitive, discussing similar issues that cropped up several months before.

I’ve been to five of these meetings now and in each one, respecting referees, or trying to keep parents from shouting or encroaching on to the pitch has been a talking point.

But, while in attendance on Monday evening, I realised the reason this was happening.

Rugby is famous for the values it promotes; respect, teamwork, leadership, enjoyment and discipline.

These are all values the RFU and each rugby club tries to push at all times.

Everyone in attendance at the meeting knew exactly what was appropriate or inappropriate, the reason this was discussed was not to educate everyone on some new found knowledge.

It became clear to me, that this is brought up time and time again, because the RFU want this to be a constant talking point.

They want it to be a constant reminder.

This made me realise how important reminders are in any wake of life.

Bad habits are easy to form, but little reminders along the way are always useful to keep us moving forward and striving for success.

The RFU face a difficult task of keeping a sport held in a high regard that way.

The only way to do this is to keep reminding people about what makes it so special, and how to keep it that way, to ensure bad habits aren’t formed and the sport changes for the worse.

A little reminder I often tell myself is to be positive.

It can be so easy to criticise, complain or moan, especially about the little things. Things like traffic, your financial situation or even your phone battery dying.

Since I’ve made a conscious effort to be more positive I’ve felt happier in my life on a daily basis. Give it a try you never know, it may help you too.