Tomasz Chadwick’s Scarborough RUFC Junior Report: Active Youth set to expand

I’d like to start this week’s column by offering some insight into how the Active Youth Scheme is to be expanded in the next year

By Tomasz Chadwick
Friday, 14th November 2014, 1:23 pm

Only recently I held some talks with representatives from McCain and they were so pleased with how much of the youth we were reaching, that they wanted me to push on and reach even more.

I’m delighted to say that in the future, when schools move from rugby to other summer sports such as athletics and football, I’ll be taking more of a role in special schools.

This is something I’m genuinely excited about and I’m looking forward to offering rugby sessions to those that may not have had the chance before. It truly is an exciting time ahead.

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One thing that doesn’t fail to amaze me is how fast the weeks are going by at the moment. Another Halloween and Bonfire Night has passed and we’re that little bit closer to Christmas.

Last week I even managed to play the role of Santa Claus.

The RFU had very generously dropped off a mass of kit and equipment to be used by Scarborough Sixth Form College and I was fortunate enough to go and drop it off with the lads I coach there every week.

The equipment included tackle pads, balls, cones, water bottles, mouth guards and a brand new playing kit among other things.

To see the delight on the faces of all those I coach in that team was a great feeling and got me more into that Christmas spirit.

Over the next month we will be hosting the Scarborough Secondary School rugby fixtures at Scarborough Rugby Club, every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 4pm until 5.30pm.

There have already been some great fixtures with Graham and St Augustine’s looking strong in a number of year groups.

There have also been some players from Pindar who are now training with our under-14s side which is a fantastic bonus.

We’re always looking to recruit new players and to see the boys enjoy the event so much they want to do it regularly, it really is what the Active Youth Scheme is all about.

On Sunday our under-15s took on a very strong side from Doncaster in the Yorkshire Cup.

Although the end result flattered the opposition, there was no argument from our coaches that Doncaster were the better side.

It was tough to see our under-15s lose such an important game as they have been so successful this year. But the great thing about a setback like this is, it gives renewed focus and drive for training and future matches so that the team can learn and be better because of it.

This is only the second game the under-15s have lost all year, so I’m very confident they will be back to winning ways before long.

A special mention this week goes to Reece Corney for his brilliant defence throughout the match.

Finally, on Sunday we held a minute silence in memory of all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their family, friends and for their country.

A moment of silence is perfect for an occasion like this as it allows you to be left alone with your own thoughts, it allows you to reflect.

This week I have been reflecting on sacrifice and how much people give up on a regular basis to do something they enjoy, to ensure someone they love benefits and to help others.

Working at the club there are lots of volunteers who make sacrifices all the time. It can be quite easy for the younger generation to hear words like the ultimate sacrifice and bow a head for a moment in reflection and not truly comprehend what it means (and that’s no criticism to them).

For me, the most powerful way to think about the ultimate sacrifice is to understand that when sacrifices are made, you lose something.

You may suffer in the short-term but you’ll always have a chance to move on and continue in life. Whereas when someone makes the ultimate sacrifice, they lose everything.

Please share a thought this week for all those that have left us, laying down their everything so we could have something today.