Surf’s up at Cayton

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CONDITIONS are looking good for the Secret Spot East Coast Classic that is taking place at Cayton Bay both today and tomorrow.

The event, which is in association with Monster Energy Drink, Firewire Surfboards, Ripcurl Wetsuits and K10 Bay, should see big surf throughout today, with six-foot-plus conditions and pretty strong off-shore winds holding up a well travelled, powerful swell.

Although there is expected to be a slight decrease through the day, the surf will remain solid throughout with the actual size early in the day determining where in Cayton Bay the first heats will take place.

If the surf is in the 6-8 foot range then the event will be run as an open event at Cayton Point, where the surf jacks up quickly and breaks over boulders in shallow water, making for some potentially scary conditions that will suit experienced surfers only.

If the swell drops quicker than exected then the event will be held in equally exciting conditions within the bay itself with the hollow heavy lefts of Pumphouse breaking on the low tide, and the barreling peaks of Bunkers towards high.

Either way competitors will be hard pushed with difficult paddleouts, big drops and rippy conditions, and only careful wave selction will win heats.

It’s more likely the longboard, womens and junior categories will run on the Sunday in much more contestable three foot clean surf throughout the day at Cayton.

Entry is £10 per head with a 9am registration at Cayton Bay, any proceeds from the competition will be donated to the RNLI.

Secret Spot will be throwing an after party at Blue Crush Bar, which will feature the north east premier of Ripcurl’s latest film Seven Ghosts.

All the latest information on conditions and everything else can be found at