We will stand up and fight in this battle

The views of Bryan Hughes
The views of Bryan Hughes

We have to realise that as a club we are in a battle at the moment.

Things will not get any easier for us either, but it is a case of having to dig in.
Paul (Foot) and myself are working as hard as we can, we will stay and fight because we want to be in charge of this club.
Things are not made easy because at the moment we are finding it hard to bring players in, mainly because they are looking at the situation at the club, budget cuts and the like, and they don’t seem keen.
We are trying all the time to improve things, working with the board to make things right.
Since we took the reins from Rudy Funk we have done nothing but save money for the club. That has included bringing through youth players, that has seen the emergence of Harry Holden and others.
As a club we have gone from our highest ever league position last season, and now for whatever reason things have turned.
It is about getting everyone at the club singing from the same hymn sheet.
We all want to be winning games, but at the moment we are not doing that.
That has to stop, starting against Spennymoor on Boxing Day.
The work doesn’t finish over the Christmas period because I’ll be watching videos of Spennymoor on Christmas Day to see if we can find a chink in their armour.
We do have a a teamsheet of talented individuals and a really good team, but they are just not firing on all cylinders.
It maybe started with the strikers not scoring, that affected somebody else and it progressed from there.
At the moment we start games as a team, but then turn into individuals because players are trying so hard to put things right.
We have to change that mindset, start working in pairs and then build into working in fours.
It is difficult when people are criticising your club, asking for a change of managers and asking the board to make a decision.
They have made a decision by cutting the budget and thankfully the players stuck by us in that, which is a compliment.
Now they need to grit their teeth and perform for us, which isn’t easy when your confidence is on the floor.
The fans have got the right to be calling for our heads, we can see people aren’t happy, but it is our job to rectify that and bring that feelgood factor back to the club that we had last season.
There is no hiding away, we all have to stand up and be counted.
We know that there are concerned people out there and I understand because we are concerned.
We have to stabilise the club and put out a team that the fans want to watch, but only getting back to the basics of football will allow that.
We are all working our backsides off for Scarborough Athletic to put things right.