Why YOU should try Aikido

Our latest Inspiring Youth saw Andy Bloomfield and Daniel Gregory try their hand at Aikido

After the session Sensei Alan Cooper explained why people should take up the martial art.

Youngsters warm up for Aikido

Youngsters warm up for Aikido

Cooper said: “Aikido is a great way to learn self defence as well as improving social skills.

“I have a lot of children that come but I am trying to get more adults at the moment.

“The children always enjoy their aikido and if I see that any of them have a certain aptitude to compete in the art then I will always try and push for them to try competition.”

The group meet every Wednesday, with kids training from 7-8pm and then adults from 8-9.30pm.

The first lesson is free and then it is £2.50 for kids upto 16 and £3.50 for adults.