Actress steps into roles in double bill

Actress Jacky Naylor has stepped in to star in a double bill of plays at the Stephen Jospeh Theatre, Scarborough.

She will replace Julie Higginson to play opposite Matthew Booth in Lost and Found which opens at the venue tomorrow.

The plays, by husband and wife John Godber and Jane Thornton, are both set in Scarborough.

Lost takes place on the first day of the summer season. Tom and Chelsea have holiday jobs at the Court Hotel. They love their work; they could watch it all day, especially Len and Betty whose fifty year old marriage has run aground. Discover why love is lost by the sea in this bitter-sweet comedy.

Found is set on the last night of the summer season; Tom and Chelsea’s holiday job is now a distant memory. There’ll be no more nights on the town, beer at the beach huts and surfing on the sea, as he goes back to university and she’s found on the dole; the Court Hotel brought them together; but ambition will pull them apart.

John Godber said: “We wanted to write two plays set in Scarborough as over time we’ve become fans of the town and especially of the Stephen Joseph Theatre. We also wanted to write something which you could either see individually and it made sense or see both plays and it made double the sense!”