New community event Scarborough Stories takes over the town centre for three dates in July

Emma Pashley is one of the storytellers in a new Scarborough community eventEmma Pashley is one of the storytellers in a new Scarborough community event
Emma Pashley is one of the storytellers in a new Scarborough community event
From cakes to clothes, a group of Scarborians are preparing to tell their unique, funny and sometimes heartbreaking stories on the streets of the town this summer as part of a new project to bring community theatre to the high street.

Scarborough Stories has been conceived by Sophie Drury-Bradey and Rach Drew, who together lead ARCADE, a community-producing company based in Scarborough and Bridlington.

Local people have been working with a creative team, led by singer, musician and composer Rebecca Denniff, to create short performances where they can tell their own stories of life in Scarborough.

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“We’ve had more than 100 people take part in our story workshops over the last year with support from many local organisations including Sidewalk Youth Project, Gallows Close, Scarborough Library and we now have a core of 15 people who make up our community cast.

"Each has a very different story to tell about something that has happened in their life, an event that shaped them or a personal object to share.

" We’ve worked with them to develop and craft their stories, which will be staged in different locations along Scarborough’s high street to give a snapshot of people’s lives in the town,” said ARCADE’s co-director Sophie.

“Each story is unique, personal, moving, and the audience will promenade along the street in small groups to see each one in turn.”

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Each performer will be presenting their story in a different way, monologue, poetry or singing.

Participants have been working with Rebecca each week to create their story and for many, this will be their first time performing in public.

Guides will take the small groups of audience members around each of the performance venues in the town centre.

The performances will bring together the audience at the end of each evening with a finale song from a community choir.

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Scarborough Stories will take place from Thursday July 7 to Saturday July 9 daily from 7.30pm.

Tickets are offered on a ‘pay what you can’ basis with a suggested price of up to £7.

Saturday evening’s performance will include a British Sign Language interpreter.