Whitby man launches Mr Regatta campaign - the first male representative in over 170-years

A Whitby man has started a campaign to have a 'Mr Regatta' for the first time in over 170-years.

Friday, 19th July 2019, 4:45 pm
Danny Gibbon (left) and George Hutton

George Hutton launched his campaign - with the hashtag #Danny4MRRegatta - on Twitter to urge organisers to represent men at the popular Whitby Regatta.

The 22-year-old has put forward his friend, Danny Gibbon, as the first potential candidate for Mr Regatta.

The student from Egton said: "I started the campaign because I thought with equality being so prominent these days and regatta approaching I thought why is there not a Mr Regatta?

"So I started the campaign on twitter putting my friend Danny forward as a potential Mr Regatta because we had both discussed this a few times before but never done anything about it and he was very up for doing it.

"The campaign took off on Twitter with a lot of people backing it. I think it would be good for there to not only be a Miss Regatta but have a Mr Regatta as well as a positive male role model for the town."

Residents and friends of Danny have shown support for the campaign by tweeting photos of the 22-year-old engineer.

Helena Graham has already been chosen as this year's Miss Regatta 2019.

After being selected by an interview panel with Sally Landers, the Miss Regatta co-ordinator and Bill Miller, Regatta Committee Representative, Helena said she was proud to be representing the town as Miss Regatta and is excited at the prospect of undertaking the many duties that come with the selection.

Helena will have a busy weekend - regatta is on from August 10 to 12 - fulfilling these duties, which include attending planned events, presenting prizes and meeting various dignitaries.

In addition she will be ‘pressing the button’ that starts the fireworks display and signifies the end of the regatta festivities.

However, in future will the judging process be made tougher by deciding on a Mr and Miss Regatta?