Artist Sally’s work tours to five galleries

Sally Gatie
Sally Gatie

Artist Sally Gatie has spent the past two years creating a body of work to be exhibited in a year-long exhibition to be shown at five galleries across Yorkshire.

She has created four paintings which will form the four walls of The White Room – the name of her exhibition.

Sally Gatie'Halcyon Days

Sally Gatie'Halcyon Days

“My intention for this experience is to create a room filled with an atmosphere of calm, to energize the room and to provide a space where the viewer is cocooned by the artwork,” said Sally.

“I wanted the viewer to be able to experience this atmosphere as they step into The White Room, and to add to the air of peacefulness, there will be a series of free Yoga meditation workshops which the public will be able join in,” she said.

All four of the paintings have been photographed by Sally throughout the painting process, and are used as a personal record. These have been made into a slide show and will run alongside the original photo montages, which were used as a reference for each of the four paintings.

Hull-born and now based in Scarborough, Sally has a studio at Woodend Creative Workspace in The Crescent. She has exhibited extensively in the town.

Sally Gatie'Upside Down

Sally Gatie'Upside Down

In 1996 Sally found herself in a situation where she was bringing up four children on her own, and made a life-changing decision to complete a degree in fine art painting which she had put on hold since the 1970s.

“This may not have been the most practical decision, however, it’s definitely been the most fulfilling, as has proved in many exhibitions and private commissions since then,” said Sally.

She studied in Scarborough under the guidance of artists Clive Head and Steve Whitehead, and graduated in 2000.

Her initial art influences came from her father who was an enthusiastic amateur painter throughout his life. “I remember him taking me to the National Gallery when I was about 10, introducing me to paintings by various artists such as Michelangelo, Degas, Constable and 
many others. I was overwhelmed by the paintings, in particular the majestic large paintings which stirred my imagination and provided the spark that encouraged me to pick up my brushes,” said Sally.

Sally’s influences include artists such as Albert Moore, Frederic Lord Leighton, Gustav Klimt, Lucien Freud and Alison Watt.

The impelling force behind Sally’s art is a balance of three major aspects, her art, her spiritual growth, and the love of her family.

The human figure has always been a main source of inspiration and is central to Sally’s work, alongside her exploration of colour, texture and pattern.

Her previous career in architectural draughting played a major part in her approach to each painting, working from sketches and photo montages she lays out the compositions using a grid system.

“My working system is always in a state of flux, developing in small steps from painting to painting, and I place great importance on my thoughts, moods, and state of mind, which are all woven into these new paintings.” said Sally.

This exhibition reflects the key theme to all of Sally’s work, which comes from her spiritual influences, her strong association with meditation, her emotions and ‘life events’ and her belief of ‘a life that is not accidental’, with the finished painting being a product 
of both her consciousness while painting, and her developing techniques as an 

The White Room touring exhibition starts at Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, until September 15.

It is at Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton-le-Hole from November 9 to December 8: Artsbank, Saltburn, from January 3 to January 31; Woodend, Scarborough, from February 7 to February 27 as part of the Coastival Festival; and Eleven Gallery, Hull School of Art and Design, from March 8 to April 6.