Inside Filey’s Ga11ery Eleven

When refurbishing the post office in Murray Street, owner Fiona Clibbens came up with a first class idea to transform a storage room.

The mum-of-two has turned it into a gallery to showcase her own floral tiles and the work of other artists.

Fiona Clibbens with her artwork

Fiona Clibbens with her artwork

“We found we had this extra room to do something with. Because I paint and had a small network of other artists I thought a gallery would be a good idea,” said Fiona.

“We don’t have a great deal of this kind of thing in Filey so it is nice to be able to do it,” she said.

Fiona and her husband Ben have owned the post office for six years – but it was only three years ago that Fiona started to paint.

“We had decorated our house and I wanted something to tie-in with the colour scheme, so painted floral tiles,” she said.

At her mother-in-law’s suggestion she got a collection together for the 2010 Filey Festival – set out a stall and found there was a market for her work.

She does floral patterns and other pieces – including a portrait of her eldest daughter Megan, 12, and beach huts.

The couple, who live in the old bakery near the post office, also have a five-year-old daughter Alex.

The exhibition space is called Ga11ery Eleven after the number of the street the post office is in.

Fiona opened it in May and rotates exhibitions.