Public ‘being robbed of Yorkshire’s history’

A LEADING conservationist has claimed people are being robbed of Yorkshire’s history from Monday to Friday after English Heritage revealed it had seen a boost in visitor numbers to some of its sites on weekends.

In September, English Heritage announced it would be closing sites including Scarborough Castle, Whitby Abbey and Clifford’s Tower in York, on weekdays from November until April, because of a 32 per cent cut in Government funding.

But despite only being a month into the changes, the organisation says it has already seen a rise in visitor numbers at weekends.

However, the president of the Yorkshire and Humber Association of Civic Societies, Kevin Trickett, has criticised the announcement, claiming the numbers are bound to increase if the sites are closed during the rest of the week.

Mr Trickett said: “if they aren’t opening during the week it will curtail the activity to weekends and this is obviously going to have an impact on visitor numbers. It is a great concern that what are our public assets are closed to visitors on days when they should be open. We want people to take an interest in our heritage.

“From my own experience visiting English Heritage sites during the summer months, I have noticed there’s a huge demand mid-week. I can see their point of view but not everyone is able to visit on a weekend.”