REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Scene from Final Fantasy XIII-2
Scene from Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Product overview:

Title: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Platforms: PlayStation3 and Xbox360

Genre: RPG.


THIS latest instalment in the Final Fantasy series arrived with high expectations.

It is hard to believe that the first game appeared way back in 1987 but, in light of that information, it is hardly surprising that it is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed video game franchises of all time.

The game’s creators claim that they aimed to surpass the quality of its predecessor in every way – featuring new gameplay systems, cutting-edge visuals and audio.

In this game the player has the freedom to choose from a range of possibilities and paths and their choices not only affect the immediate environment but even shape time and space. A bold claim indeed.

Further events from the game’s mythology, as presented in the previous Final fantasy XIII, are revealed but the story is written in a way that it can still be enjoyed without prior knowledge of previous titles.

Key features include larger and more interactive environments as well as places with multiple pathways to explore and many secrets to find.

A new dimension is time travel which adds a whole new dimension to exploration and players are bound to be impressed as the scenery, flora, fauna and weather conditions all change depending on when you visit various locations.

I have to admit that the graphics are very impressive and very much in the style of the Japanese animation, Anime.

However I found the game very linear and therefore not much of a challenge during the early stages – you will be pleased to hear that it does free up its potential during the later stages – but there is a danger of boredom early on.

If you are a fan of the series then you will enjoy this but if you are a newcomer then you might find it a little frustrating.