The collection that is growing

A ketch by Ray Lonsdale of how the The Smugglers Apprentice may look.
A ketch by Ray Lonsdale of how the The Smugglers Apprentice may look.

Councillors have this week formally accepted a third gift of a statue from generous Scarborough pensioner Maureen Robinson.

The sculpture, named Smuggler’s Aprentice, has been specially commissioned and will be placed off Eastborough.

Members of Scarborough Council’s Cabinet officially received the gift on Tuesday.

Brian Bennett, the council’s head of tourism, said: “
It is basically so permission is given to accept this as a gift.”

The move means that the authority will be directly responsible for getting the correct planning permission, insurance and maintenance for its long-term future.

Leader of the council, Cllr Tom Fox, described it as an “absolutely fantastic gift” following the vote.

The statue of two smugglers, will be created by artist Ray Lonsdale, and follows the previous donations of the North Bay’s Freddie Gilroy and Filey fisherman statues to the borough.

The recent gift follows a hugely positive response to Mrs Robinson’s other two gifts of public art.

It will take the form of a life-size smuggler and his apprentice with the 6ft adult carrying a barrel ofbrandy onhis shoulder.

The proposed site is at Merchant’s Row and Mrs Robinson, of Malvern Crescent, has previously said that she is an ardent fan of Mr Lonsdale’s work and had always been fascinated by smugglers.

She has also asked the sculptor about the possibility of adding a barrel on the floor, so people can sit and have their photographtaken.

It is hoped that, if an agreement can be reached on the proposed site, the sculpture could be in place as early as the end of August.

The other two statues were bought at a combined cost of around £100,000 but Mrs Robinson has not revealed the cost of the latest one.