The first Art Party at Scarborough Spa

The first Art Party at Scarborough Spa has been hailed a success by organisers and the moer than 700 people who attended.

The event was organised by contemporary artist Bob and Roberta Smith and Stuart Cameron, the director of Crescent Arts in Scarborough.

The target of the passion and protest was the Government’s intention to downgrade art as a subject on the school curriculum. Education Secretary Michael Gove came in for particular criticism.

Crescent Arts-based ceramicist Karen Thompson set up a Goveshy – a stand in which delegates were invited to throw a wooden ball at ceramic busts of Mr Gove.

“The first Art Party Conference delivered exactly what it promised - serious fun,” said Stuart.

“There was a huge buzz around the Spa, with artists and art lovers from all over the UK coming together to have a great time - but with a serious intent, which was to highlight how current government education policy is sidelining art and thus jeopardising the future of this country as a creative hub for the world,” he said.

Bob and Roberta Smith read out his letter to Michael Gove stating the importance of teaching art in schools.