Beverley wishes she was here

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Former Coronation Street star Beverley Callard does in deed wish she was in Scarborough.

In a few weeks’ time, it will be a wish granted. Beverley, famous as Liz MacDonald in the soap, is heading the cast of Little Voice which arrives at the Futurist for a week-long run on Monday September 10.

“I’m a Leeds girl and we spent our holidays in Scarborough every year,” said Beverley who plays Marie Hoff in the comedy drama, which was filmed in Scarborough with Michael Caine and Jane Horrocks in leading roles.

“I love everythng about the town, Peasholm Park, Marine Drive, the castle. I can’t wait to show my husband around,” she said,

Her sister is also coming to Scarborough to see Beverley in the show, which stars Joe McGann as Ray Say, Ray Quinn as Billy, Duggie Brown as Mr Boo and Jess Robinson as LV.

“I wanted to do the show so much – I told my agent I don’t care what happens I have to do it,” said Beverley who has put on two stone for the role. “Marie drives the play. She’s amazing, an alcoholic, a neglectful mother and brash. She appears hard faced but there is so much pain inside her.”

Beverley, who played Liz ofor 21 years, has no regrets about quitting the Street. She remains on good terms with the cast and is especially close to Kym Marsh who plays Michelle. She went on Kym’s hen party to Spain but will miss the wedding because it is the Sunday before opening night on the Monday in Guildford. “When I left Coronation Street some people said I was either brave or stupid but as you get older your ambitions change,” said Beverley who has fought bankruptcy and nursed her mother through Alzheimer’s.