Come play at our jazz club

Scarborough Jazz Club hosts a players’ night – when allcomers, singers and musicians are welcome – at the Cask on Wednesday August 30.

Resident trio of Mike Gordon, piano, Bob Walker, bass, and drummer Dennis Hitch will be on hand.

Starting the evening and to play throughout is reeds player Steve Whitehead. Steve began on clarinet as a young teenager, and now plays soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes. Appropriately for a Players’ Night, he was welcomed as a ‘sitter in’ by Mike Gordon when Steve first came to Scarborough in 1995.

Saxophonist Julia Wray has promised to play and will be with one of her students, Pat Brown, who shows great promise on the tenor sax.

Not yet confirmed, but highly likely, are a surprise harmonica player and an out of town trumpeter.

Anyone wishing to take part should ring Mike on 01723 379818 so that he can sketch out a rough order of appearance. Some just turn up without notice, and this adds to the fun.

These evenings are always worth attending.