Comedy night was good value

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AFTER the success of its first season, Stand up at the Spa has made a welcome return to Scarborough this summer.

However, the second show of the season, held last Wednesday, got off to a disappointing start when the event, usually held in the Sun Court, was moved inside due to concerns over weather.

Although the show was introduced by an enthusiastic compere in Dan Smith, opening act Curtis Threadgold failed to lighten the mood with a succession of gags falling flat.

Things improved with Phil Pagett, whose deadpan, confident delivery began to get the crowd going.

His blue brand of humour may not have been to the taste of everyone in the mixed Spa audience, but younger members certainly appreciated his wit.

The real star of the show though was headliner Rory Motion, whose laid back and warm style finally won the entire audience over.

As well as conventional stand-up, he delivered poetry and even simultaneously played a guitar and xylophone with the help of an audience member and a specially adapted hat and stick.

His observational humour about Yorkshire and self-deprecating gags went down particularly well.

Some references to the beat era of 1950s and 60’s America (On’t Road) flow over the heads of some, but a final Bob Dylan send-up, complete with harmonica and a song Bob supposedly wrote while on a sabbatical in the Welsh Valleys, was a definite highlight and a fitting end to the evening.

With four comedians including the compere for £5.50, and the option of a curry to go with the comedy for an extra £3, Stand up at the Spa offers excellent value for money and who knows? With the shows set to continue until late August, we might just see a star of the future.

Stand up at the Spa continues tonight, when Noel James, Paul Thomas, Peter Marshall and Ste Porter take to the stage. Doors open at 7pm with the show starting at 7.30pm.