Lewis Capaldi: What you need to know before entering Scarborough Open Air Theatre for the concert

Scarborough Open Air Theatre. PIC: Cuffe and Taylor
Scarborough Open Air Theatre. PIC: Cuffe and Taylor

Scarborough Open Air Theatre, Europe's largest venue of its type, has hosted some of the world's top acts ... with Lewis Capaldi making his second appearance there tonight!

If it's your first visit you might not be aware of some rules and restrictions.

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The gates open at 6pm. Can't I get in earlier?

There's a new VIP pass for this summer’s shows, with which you can get in from 5pm and have a nine-inch pizza and a beer, wine or soft drink of your choice, for £19.50. It's available from the box office but you need a valid concert ticket and numbers are limited to 50 per show.

Is there somewhere I can leave my coat, bag, camera, umbrella ?


Can I get my money back if it rains?

No! The show will go ahead if it rains and there will be no refunds offered should you choose to leave due to weather. The show will only be cancelled or stopped if the weather becomes dangerous. Ponchos are available inside the venue for £2 each. Umbrellas are not allowed to be taken in.

Can I take a camera?

Some of the shows do allow the use of small digital cameras including, in many cases, ‘bridge’ cameras (larger digital cameras with zoom lenses that cannot be removed). Cameras with removable and interchangeable lenses are always prohibited.

Can I bring a bag ?

Small bags are permitted but you will be searched. You can't take in food or drink (see below), banners are also prohibited, as are umbrellas.

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Can I take food and drink?

You can take one sealed plastic bottle (maximum size 500ml) of water or soft drink into the venue. No alcohol, food, cans or glass may be taken. Inside, there are bars and food outlets.

I'm in the seats in row AA ... is that near the front?

Rows with a double letter e.g. AA-BB are not situated towards the front of the block, they're behind the rows A-Z. And be careful - the steps are steep.

Is there a cash machine?

No, the nearest is at The Sands.

Can I smoke?

There are three designated smoking areas, at the North, South and top of the venue. Those with electronic cigs are asked to use them in the immediate vicinity of the smoking areas.

Can I leave the venue and get back in?


What if I lose something or leave it behind?

Call 01723 818111. After 30 September each season any items not claimed will be disposed of or given to a local charity.