From pewter to paintings

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Gallery owner and antique expert Ken Wood is using his space in South Street, Scarborough, to showcase his art work.

Paintings, in oils and watercolours, drawings and sclupture will be on show.

“I started painting in oils when I was 10 years old and it is a medium I have always loved,” said Ken who lives with his wife Angie in the Old Town.

“In my youth I went to Scarborough School of Art and on to an apprentice in the photography processing department at E T W Dennis, in Melrose Street.

“Although my wife Angie and I went on to have several restaurants and gift shops my love of painting was always with me. About 10 years ago we decided that we would spent our time doing what we wanted to do.

“I wanted to paint and restore antique paintings and Angie wanted to teach tai chi,” he said.

They started renting the gallery and shop space in South Street last year.

“Now that we have moved into these premises we are more able to do the things we want,”

Angie teaches her classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I run a life drawing session on Wednesday nights.”

Ken has also started working in pewter and a horse made out of the metal is part of the exhibition. It previews on Friday February 1 at 7pm and runs until the summer.