Hull Truck thriller as date at the Pavilion

Hull Truck Theatre will bring the chilling thriller The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to Whitby Pavilion later this year.

By Robert Louis Stevenson, it is a classic tale of good and evil.

Doctor Henry Jekyll is a good man, successful in his field and respected by his peers.

Jekyll’s work is cutting-edge but the way he gets results is less than ethical.

Faced with the prospect of having his methods exposed to the world, the good doctor is forced to experiment on himself with life-changing consequences.

Jekyll wills his entire fortune to a new “friend”, the brutal Edward Hyde. Responsible for the murder of innocent people and a reign of terror on the streets of London, Jekyll is forced with a decision. How will he control Hyde?

This all new production from Hull Truck Theatre will be adapted and directed by Nick Lane . He said: “Stevenson’s story is just brilliant and, while staying true to the original, we’ve tried to give it a bit of a twist.

It is at Whitby Pavilion on Tuesday October 30 at 7.30pm.